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The Real tale of Medusa: Protective Powers from a Snake-Haired Gorgon

The Real tale of Medusa: Protective Powers from a Snake-Haired Gorgon

Perseus also encountered Andromeda, the child of this king that is aethiopian and his spouse Cassiopeia. Utilizing Medusa’s head, Perseus succeeded in rescuing the princess, whom had been sacrificed to Cetus, a ocean monster sent by Poseidon to discipline Cassiopeia for boasting that her daughter was more breathtaking compared to Nereids. Medusa’s petrifying energy can also be applied to Phineus, Andromeda’s uncle who she had been betrothed to, Proetus, the usurper for the throne of Argos, last but not least Polydectes himself. Perseus’ friend Dictys took the throne and, now completed utilizing the relic, Perseus provided Medusa’s check out Athena, whom wears it on her aegis whenever she goes into battle.

Perseus Confronting Phineus utilizing the Head of Medusa by Sebastiano Ricci. ( Public Domain )

Keeping the Medusa Myth Alive

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Although Medusa is often seen as a monster, her mind is actually regarded as a protective amulet that would keep wicked away. In fact, the title Medusa originates from an ancient greek verb meaning “to guard or protect.”

The image of Medusa’s mind is visible in various Greek and subsequent artifacts that are roman as shields, breastplates, and mosaics. One particular illustration of a protective Medusa head pendant appeared in the shape of a belated 2nd to 4th century advertisement Roman artifact recently unearthed in the Cambridgeshire countryside . a 2,000-year-old marble mind of Medusa had been discovered not long ago at a former Roman commercial center in Turkey also. There’s also coins that are numerous bear not just the imagery of Perseus keeping the pinnacle of Medusa, but additionally your head with its very own right.

A Roman cameo of Medusa’s mind from the second or third century. (Sailko/ CC BY SA 3.0 )

Today, probably the most well-known image of Medusa’s mind belongs maybe into the logo associated with the fashion that is italian, Versace. And let’s maybe not forget that Medusa also made headline video video gaming news into the not very remote past as a challenging employer battle for players into the newest game for the popular Assassin’s Creed franchise . These factors remind us that urban myths regarding the ancient world are nevertheless alive sufficient reason for us when you look at the world that is modern.

Top Image: Detail of a modern representation of Medusa. Supply: Riordan Wiki

Updated on January 20, 2021.


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Wu Mingren (‘Dhwty’) features a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History and Archaeology. Although their interest that is primary is the ancient civilizations regarding the Near East, he could be also enthusiastic about other geographic areas, and also other schedules. Find Out More


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We first discovered Medusa through the 1981, film classic Clash of this Titan’s i do believe it had been the movie that is last celebrity Lord Laurence Olivier, he had been Knighted?

For the longest time I experienced believed that Medusa had been a Myth but, since reading Enoch any longer.

Talking about Atlas i will not get way too much to the back ground of Enoch but, i am going to state this because of tragic occasions that takes destination into the sacred Text i obtained the title of Wicked Fallen Angel’s whom caused castrophic dilemmas to almost tear the Heaven’s and world aside.

One of these simple Angel’s had been called Satal, Satal is Atlas but I’m certain Satal is not a hill similar to he is imprisoned inside an hill so how Near God’s nation as with Divine Being talked about into the Holy Bible.

I know everybody almost certainly will probably think about me personally as crazy. We respect that, however, I still believe that Atlas may be the Fallen Angel Satal.

An Zeus I was more aware of The Greek story about these two then 11 month’s back in 2020 l, I read a locked in the Tower story from Ireland same concept but, didn’t read about that glittering shower of Gold that resulted in Perseus mother being impregnated with Him as for Perseus.

The name had been A hero that is irish and involved some Giant that had one Eye and might obliterate anything that this Thank King? viewed.

This Hero that is irish saved time knocked the Giant within the attention forgot exactly just what tool this Hero opted but that Eye obliterated the Palace and maybe an Army of Giant’s or this Giant’s own Kingdom.

Other points about Perseus tale is the various places Perseus encountered and met their wife that is future. Edith Hamilton, an Bulfinchs place the fulfilling between your two partners in Ethiopia while other literary works sets the Perseus/Andromeda spot in Jaffa also referred to as Joppa within the Bible.

I’m needs to think Perseus may experienced Two Wives due to the confusion whenever Perseus met chained up Females planning to be sacrificed for some ocean creature trans online dating Germany for their mother’s offending some goddess.

It really is undoubtedly plausible into the Ancient World; they tended too have significantly more than one spouse, i understand current day Asia Minor keeps this practice, an A lds that are few all but several. I obtained a notion the plural marriages had been nevertheless taking place as soon as I read and watched the 1993, film Joy Luck Club.

It is all I’ll state about Real tale of Medusa apart from great exciting article too exactly about, therefore until the next time every person, Goodbye!

Just admit that Medusa is a black colored feminine with a dreadlock hairdo (all ahead of the period of the Ethiopian Rastafarians and Jamaican reggae music) a really terrible face as shown in many pictures – and there’s Medusa. Absolutely absolutely Nothing brand brand new, absolutely nothing great. Just an individual of less-than-desirable features that are faciallike bucktoothed William Kidd, “Billy the Kidd” who shot individuals in making any reference to this features). Same because of this individual of reciprocal hatred for the beautiful people.

I thought Medusa’s lineage originated from Echidna and Typhon? perhaps perhaps not Phorcys and Ceto. Please confirm/advise. many thanks

Tiny modification, the Aegis was Zeus’s shield which was mainly utilized /borrowed by Athena (this woman is understood in a few fables to work on this utilizing the Thunderbolts also)

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